The complete guide to getting Android 5.0 Lollipop (GPE) on your Galaxy S4

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition(GPE) just got the Android 5.0 Lollipop treatment. But that doesn’t mean that other non-GPE users like you and I can not get the same update. After all, the only difference between the GPE S4 and the regular Touchwiz S4 are a few partition tables, and the fact that one of them do not come loaded with Touchwiz or Stock Android.

For this guide, you will need the following items:


  1. A quad core Galaxy S4 from any part of the world with an unlocked bootloader. This means any S4 not from AT&T, Verizon USA, or an i9500(the octa core S4 will NOT work) .
  2. A USB cable(preferably the original one).
  3. A Windows PC.


  1. Samsung USB Drivers. Download link (Make sure to click “Direct download link” below, do NOT click the green “Download” button)
  2. ODIN. Download link (Make sure to click “Direct download link” below, do NOT click the green “Download” button)
  3. The Lollipop 5.0 ROM by danvdh. Download link (Download this file, and copy it to the Download folder on your phone before starting the tutorial)
  4. SuperSU. Download link (Download this file, and copy it to the Download folder on your phone before starting the tutorial)
  5. More packages, linked throughout the article.

    The Tutorial

Let’s get started.

First, install the Samsung USB drivers. Double click the file you downloaded previously and install it like a normal application.





After installing the drivers, extract the ODIN ZIP to a folder named “ODIN”



Download TWRP recovery for your phone and put that file into the ODIN folder.  Download link (Make sure to click “Direct download link” below, do NOT click the green “Download” button)


At this point, your ODIN folder should look like this



After you have confirmed it looks like that, turn off your phone.

This part is very important and takes some tries. Do everything sequentially.

  1. Hold Volume down, home and power button together. You will be presented with thisSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Press volume up(The physical button). You will see this. Do not panicSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
  3. Now, connect your phone to your computer and wait 15 seconds. Double click Odin3 v3.09 in the ODIN folderscr8
  4. Now, click AP and then select the TWRP for S4scr9
  5. Now, click Startscr10scr11
  6. Your phone will reboot. Now disconnect the USB cable, then turn it off again.
  7. After it is turned off, use Volume up, home and power button to boot the phone into recovery. Once you see the Samsung logo, let go of all buttons. You will see this.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
  8. Press Wipe. Then press advanced and you will be presented with this screen. Select only the options I have selectedSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
  9. Select swipe to wipeSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
  10. Your phone will look like it is doing some black magic. Let it be. After it is done, Press the Home button at the bottom left corner of the screen(not shown)SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
  11. You will be back to the screen in step 7. Press install, then scroll down to sdcardSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
  12. Now navigate to the Download folder and select the file you had downloaded previously in the download folder: Danvdh-GPE-5.0-12142014.zipSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
  13. Now swipe the blue circle to confirm flashSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
  14. Let the black magic continueSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
  15. After the flash is done, you will see almost the same screen as step 10. Now restart from step 10, except this time select instead of
  16. Now, you will need to reboot your phone. Press home again(bottom corner left), then select Reboot. Your phone will reboot to the following boot animationSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
  17. This step is important. Do not touch your phone for the next 10 minutes. If the welcome screen shows up, that’s awesome! Start using it. If it doesn’t show up, simply take the battery out, put it back and turn the phone on. It may take a few tries to finally get to the welcome screen, this is a well known bug among Google’s GPE and Nexus phones.
  18. Enjoy your S4 with Android Lollipop 5.0. You now have the official version of Lollipop  on your phone and the exact same software that is put into the GPE Galaxy S4 minus OTA updates.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

20 thoughts on “The complete guide to getting Android 5.0 Lollipop (GPE) on your Galaxy S4”

  1. John2737 says:

    Thanks. Worked on my wife’s Canadian S4 and my own T-Mobile USA S4.

  2. dan says:

    So to confirm this won’t get any ota updates?

    1. Ishmum Rahman says:

      No, it won’t receive OTA updates. You are correct.

  3. Shawn says:

    Tried this on my Galaxy S4 SPH-L720T and after I use odin to put TWRP on the phone and reboot into recovery it takes me to the stock recovery… No TWRP…..

    1. Ishmum Rahman says:

      The SPH-L720T is a different phone internally. It is the tri-band version of S4 with a slightly different CPU.

  4. Valerie says:

    So if I wanted to unroot, would I just have to factory reset my phone?

    1. Ishmum Rahman says:

      No, you would need the factory image for your phone and flash it using ODIN. Factory images are located at

  5. Anthony says:

    HI i flashed this successfully on my galaxy s4 tmobile variant and tried going to back to stock but that failed. i treid doing it through twrp and then with odin and both failed. i cant get back to recovery mode on the phone and i tried to put twrp back on my s4 with odin and that failed also. Any help especially on this chrsitams day i know its tough but any help to get my phone working again would be of much help as it is my only phone, thanks!

    1. Ishmum Rahman says:

      I need more details as to what you did to try to get to stock. Getting back to stock is incredibly simple but I need to know what you did first. Thanks.

  6. Fane says:

    Nice tutorial, just what i was looking for. i can wait to try it on my S4.
    will this work with the same steps on the S3?


    1. Ishmum Rahman says:

      No, please don’t try it on anything other than an S4. The steps are vastly different.

      1. Fane says:

        using your tutorial, im stuck at step 7
        i get this error:
        any thoughts what should i do next?

        1. Ishmum Rahman says:

          Thats not an error, that just means you are still stuck at stock recovery while you should be at TWRP. Just start the process again as your drivers aren’t properly setup.

          1. Fane says:

            i did it like 10 times in a row. i will try again.

          2. Fane says:

            well, 2 hrs later, tried several times on two different computers, with 2 different usb cables….no success.
            guess im gonna leave it like that 🙂

          3. Ishmum Rahman says:

            Wow, your phone seems to be really non-functional for custom recoveries unfortunately.

  7. Andre says:

    all is successful but not without some bugs… when i turn off the screen and go back to reuse it i lose my data connection/ phone connection i can still receive calls but sending anything leads me to having to reconnect manually every single time the screen is shut off.. i have my suspicions that its the recovery which is twrp 2.8.4 i downgraded to 2.8.1 and currently waiting for the results but I’m doubtful… any help would be greatly appreciated… and i know this is a bit later on

    1. Ishmum Rahman says:

      That is definitely a phone problem than a recovery problem. The recovery does not affect the system at all after boot. In fact, you can have no recovery installed and still use the phone without a problem.

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    It’s hard to come by knowledgeable people for this topic, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

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